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Give sex in a pan a try

Yeah. I’m pretty sure that title is going to lead to some very confused blog traffic… and now I’m about to bring up my Grandma.

My feisty Grandmother makes this particular dessert, “Sex in a Pan”, and it is always a huge hit. If you Google it you’ll find lots of slight variations on the same recipe but basically everyone agrees it’s insane just how delicious it is. When I try to tell people about it and say “My grandmother’s Sex in a Pan is the best” it earns me a lot of really weird looks.

Sex in a Pan - so much deliciousness

Sex in a Pan – so much deliciousness

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This time of year

I’m glad I’m starting this blog in December, because this time of year is filled with everything I really enjoy; cooking, baking, spending time with friends and family, holiday window displays, winter activities, shopping, tree lighting…. and oh yes. Also my birthday (another year older, boo! hiss!) It will basically write itself this month!

Holiday gifts are almost all purchased with just a few more to go. Andrew and I don’t buy each other gifts, activities are so much more fun, so we’ll be going on “the 10 dates of Christmas” instead.* They’re not all big things – going for a walk through the park with hot chocolate, going to see the tree lighting in Nathan Phillip’s Square, visit the holiday market in the Distillery District (maybe get those last few gifts!) We’re definitely thinking bigger for a few of them though.
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