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Clearly, I could be an Interior Decorator

Living in a downtown Toronto apartment with a baby, space was a bit of an issue. However we’ve somehow made it work using the den as a nursery and incorporating things into the rest of the apartment where we can. I’d like to share a few pictures of how we made room in our apartment for the baby, but first wanted to let you in on my incredible design savvy.

My sister has two beautiful babies, a boy and girl, and being the loving Aunt that I am I wanted to buy something for my nephew’s room when he was born. One day I found an amazing piece in an antique store, it called out “buyyyy meeee….” so I texted my sister a photo and asked her if I could buy it for him. For some reason she politely declined.

Bonus - it's also a cupboard!

Bonus – it’s also a cupboard!

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