Working Out (or not)

I want to be the type of person who goes to the gym a few times a week, wakes up at the crack of dawn and gets the adrenaline pumping. But I keep inventing excuses for not going to the gym, which is on the second floor of our building. The second floor and a reason we moved into this fancy-pants condo. (Dishwasher! Gym! Washer and Dryer! Rooftop BBQ’s! Party Room! OMG we’re going to have SO MANY PARTIES!)


But the gym remains unused. Here are a few excuses I’ve used so far…

This knot in my back feels like it could be a pinched nerve, better not aggravate it.

I just ate. Pretty sure I’m supposed to wait half an hour before exercising. That can’t just be for swimming, swimming is exercising.

Whoa! What’s this weird bump on my leg?! This could be serious. I’m going to spend the next hour googling symptoms, just to be sure.

Jim? I don’t know a Jim.

My workout pants are in the laundry (because I sleep in them)

We need to bring this movie back tomorrow. We should watch it tonight. Like, right now.

But I don’t have enough upbeat music on my iPod, noone exercises to Ryan Adams. I need to put some Justin Timberlake on there or something. Make a workout playlist. (This turns into listening to records)

Whoa… after two glasses of wine?! You want me to go on that equipment? Are you trying to kill me?!

And finally…

Tomorrow. I’ll start going to the gym tomorrow.

Anyone else make excuses for not going to the gym when you know you should?


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