A love letter to our old, crumbly, drafty apartment

Dear Apartment 2405,

I vaguely remember when I saw that sign out front “Apartments Available: 1 Bedroom” but I do clearly remember booking a viewing the next day with my boyfriend, who I wasn’t dating for very long at the time. His roommate was moving in with his lovely girlfriend, and Andrew would need to move too. We were looking out the window at the city spread out below us and we just knew that we would be moving in together. It was impulsive, it was very soon, and it was the right decision for us. So I wanted to say thank you, old apartment, for having us these past few years. We may be moving on to somewhere new but you were and always will be special to us.

I love the fact that Andrew’s parents used to live in this same building (in the groovy 70’s!)

The very first night we spent here, we heard squeaking that sounded so much like a mouse I didn’t sleep at all. Andrew and I kept looking at each other hoping a mouse wouldn’t run across the bed! Turns out it is a creaky door or cupboard in the apartment above us, but we never stopped calling it “ghost mouse” whenever we heard it.

If it was cold outside, you were slightly colder inside. And last summer you were like an oven forcing us to install an air conditioner. 24 floors up. Dangling out an open window.

That time I had to call my boss to let her know I was running late because there was a chicken outside our apartment, and I was waiting until animal services was notified.

I once visited a spa that had a water therapy shower. It would alternate between very hot and ice cold to “awaken the nerves” or something like that. They must have learned that trick from you.

Speaking of showers, being able to hear our neighbor take his nightly shower when we’re going to sleep opened my eyes to the comforting ritual of “bedtime showers”. They’re not just for mornings anymore!

I never knew the term “parquet flooring” until I entered the exciting world of Toronto apartment rentals. But to us, they will always be the “Jenga floors” we came to know and love, where the odd loose tile gets stuck to our feet if we aren’t wearing socks.

The flooring outside our apartment is just as memorable – three very different types of tile and carpeting, coming together in the strangest combination that would made an interior decorator weep.

That time there was a fire on the 11th floor and the alarms went off around 3 am. It was cold outside, I was so scared, we grabbed Rambo and walked down all 24 flights of stairs, running into other confused people along the way, passing firefighters who opened a door to the floor with the fire and we were all hit with a cloud of smoke. Waiting outside in the cold with everyone else, holding our dog and looking at Andrew I knew that no matter what happened I had everything I cared about with me. We were safe. (Turns out someone left a candle near a curtain, it was put out and everything was okay).

I will miss the view – the city stretched out below us and far in every direction. Sunrises, pink sunsets, lights from all the buildings against the night sky and the odd thunder storm (I once patiently tried to take a picture of lightning for hours – and was so excited when I finally caught it!)

I will miss the big park downstairs where we spent a lot of time with Rambo. The big balcony where we had friends over, coffee and breakfast and once we camped on the balcony since we never did get to go camping that summer (first and last time for me thankyouverymuch, but it was different!)

I will always remember falling in love in this apartment, time spent with friends, lots of laughs and a few tears. You had so much character.

Thank you for all the memories.

Runaway Chicken

Design Savvy


Pink sky

NIght lights



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2 responses to “A love letter to our old, crumbly, drafty apartment

  1. denise

    Beautiful lightening shot!
    I hope the new place has more tasteful carpet/tiles!

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