Another Year Older, 28% Wiser

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend, it feels like this past year went by way too fast. I took the day off and had dessert and coffee for breakfast (yum), took myself out for brunch and finished off the last few chapters of a very good book (The Hypnotist – such a page turner), was given flowers and some really nice gifts, went for a haircut, had dinner and drinks with close friends, followed by a private room in a funky Korean Karaoke bar, then we stopped by a bar afterwards for drinks, laughing and had an overall nice time.

Looking forward to seeing what 28 has up its sleeve for me!

Birthday Circa 2012

28th Birthday

The ceramic egg holders are from Chapters, and I actually asked for these (eggs are going to look so fancy in our fridge, let me tell you), the pretty roses, Smitten Kitchen cook book (obsessed with her blog) and the “Rocktopus” hand drawn card were gifts from Andrew

Since I had the day off, Rambo and I relaxed on the couch for a while and watched a movie

The “Happy b-day Jen” cupcakes (red velvet with cream cheese icing) were from the lovely ladies I work with and made by my colleague Nina Lozano (who also did our wedding cake and cupcakes)

My parents always manage to find a tear-jerker of a birthday card for me. Gets me every time, this year was no exception

I bought this green striped dress from Madewell as a “birthday gift from me to me”

At Karaoke one of us (Steve) sang Never Gonna Give You Up – we were all Rickrolled then and there. Favorite moment of the night, all of us singing Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey at the top of our lungs in that tiny karaoke room with the strobe lights flashing. I felt 21, not 28, and it was fantastic

Last year’s birthday was also spent with friends having dinner/drinks but it will always be the year of the “birthday cake battle”. I threw Andrew a party and made him a “space cake” (he loves space and sci-fi).

Space Cake

Then when my birthday rolled around he just had to try the “personalized cake” theme for himself. When I was younger I thought that Red Lobster was super fancy and would ask my parents to take me there on my birthday (which was not so fun for my sister who hates seafood – but hey their biscuits are pretty good!) So for my 27th birthday a group of friends and I booked a table at Red Lobster and we had dinner. Andrew created this cake, making him the clear winner of the cake throw down.

Lobster Cake

No one can really compete when someone makes you a lobster cake. You just graciously accept defeat.



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2 responses to “Another Year Older, 28% Wiser

  1. denise

    “He’s your lobster!”

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