This time of year

I’m glad I’m starting this blog in December, because this time of year is filled with everything I really enjoy; cooking, baking, spending time with friends and family, holiday window displays, winter activities, shopping, tree lighting…. and oh yes. Also my birthday (another year older, boo! hiss!) It will basically write itself this month!

Holiday gifts are almost all purchased with just a few more to go. Andrew and I don’t buy each other gifts, activities are so much more fun, so we’ll be going on “the 10 dates of Christmas” instead.* They’re not all big things – going for a walk through the park with hot chocolate, going to see the tree lighting in Nathan Phillip’s Square, visit the holiday market in the Distillery District (maybe get those last few gifts!) We’re definitely thinking bigger for a few of them though.

Other exciting things coming up and renting space in my mind – the fact that we’re moving very soon (three blocks – but it feels like three miles to me), seeing family and my nephew for the holidays not to mention my friend’s early January wedding (I’ve never been to a Winter wedding – going to be amazing!)

I’ll end this first post with cake, specifically the rainbow cupcake image up at the top. They’re really easy to make!

Rainbow Cupcake

You can Google a recipe, but all you have to do is make plan vanilla cake batter, then divide it into smaller bowls. Use food coloring (regular or all natural) to tint the batter in each bowl. Line a cupcake tin with wrappers, and using a spoon add the batter in layers (I did blue, then green, yellow, orange, red). Be careful when adding the batter so it doesn’t mix – but even if it does the swirls will look nice. Top with icing (I fill a sandwich bag, snip off the corner and add in a swirl).



* This blog will contain references to being in a couple, and coupley things that may induce eye rolls in some people. I would hate to be the person behind anyone’s eye strain, so please be warned.



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2 responses to “This time of year

  1. It WILL be amazing because you two will be there!

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